Ask a Truck Driver!

Wayne Allen is a long time truck driver currently working in Darwin for a major road train operator hauling bulk commodities across Northern Australia.

He says tram-tracking and understeer can be major problems with roadtrain operation where a tiny shift in the steering can manifest itself in eratic behaviour in the back trailer.

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2 Responses to Ask a Truck Driver!

  1. Rod Morwood says:

    We run a single drive UD with 24 ft cattle crate.
    Getting serious shudder sound and feel in the steering column, done a total 275,000KM
    Vehicle is reasonable to steer, otherwise, suppose, being a very long wheelbase helps.
    Any suggestions?
    Where are you in Brisbane.

  2. Ken says:

    I have recently purchased a Hino RB145 1989 motorhome.
    There seems to be a significant amount of “dead space” when the steering wheel is centred. When driving on a straight road for example, the vehicle may veer slightly (normal ??), but to correct it requires a shift in the steering wheel until it seems to “go hard” against the steering mechanism in the other direction. Is this normal for this type of vehicle with power steering?
    Also, the motorhome seems to roll a lot after hitting some potholes. It will roll left to right and back 2 or 3 times before setting down. I have experienced this in coaches etc before, but this seems more prevalent than I would have thought for a 7 meter bus.
    Northside Brisbane

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