What results can you expect from the Advanced Steering Management System? (1 min)

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4 Responses to What can you expect from the ADVANCED STEERING MANAGEMENT SYSTEM?

  1. Allan Bliss says:

    I have recently purchased a 2005 Ford F250 that has, as I understand, typical steering wander. Forums I have read claim you have eliminated this problem?
    What is the normal/average cost to correct this problem.

  2. Ron Bednal says:

    I have just had my ageing GQ Patrol “whispered” and the difference is hard to describe. The wagon just does what it should and is so comfortable to drive with no wandering on rough bitumen and even around town body-roll on roundabouts and corners doesn’t happen anymore. I would recommend the treatment to any vehicle but don’t put off getting it done any longer or you are missing out on driving pleasure that you cannot imagine.

  3. I live in Frankston Victoria and I will be passing through your way in Benall on the 13th May on my way up to Winton in Queensland. I have a 1997 75 series HZJ Troopy Landcrouser 4.2 diesel. Would you be able to give it a going over. Could this be done on the 13th May and arpox how much and how long would it take. Sorry to sound pushy but I have to be in Cunamulla for a ladys 91st Birthday and would love to be able to get the job done and be on my travels on the same day.

  4. john screaigh says:

    Hi Can you please advise if you have a agent in WA . I have a 2009 32′ Winnebago and would like a quote in install your system on our motorhome.


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