About Truck Whisperer

The Advanced Steering Management System will reduce vibration, eliminate under-steer, correct steering wander, dramatically reduce component wear and reduce driver fatigue.

Listen to the Truck Whisperer explain the problem of many vehicles on the road today and how the Advanced Steering Management System can help (2 mins). 

Even new trucks straight off the assembly line have inherent handling faults. Every day this results in premature tyre wear, under-steer, wandering and tram-tracking on straight stretches of highway and dangerous handling on the road shoulder. Beside increased wear and maintenance on the truck, these handling faults add enormously to driver fatigue.

The Truck Whisperer has invested years marrying real road experience with some of the nation’s best transport engineers to develop the Advanced Steering Management System. The company can now guarantee improvement to the performance and handling of any truck regardless of its make and model.The Advanced Steering Management System really works: Testimonials and independent evaluations by industry experts including renowned Consulting Engineer of 45 plus years, Andrew Enkelman of A.Enkelman & Associates in Melbourne, Victoria have been recorded and are available.