It really works!

THE TRUCK WHISPERER SYSTEM has recorded many millions of kilometres of truck life in thousands of trucks and 4WD’s that have been corrected through what has become the Advanced Steering Management System.

In every case, 100% driver satisfaction has been documented and provided major savings over time on components such as bonnet mounts, shock absorbers, springs, steering boxes, tyres and front-ends. And a major reduction of driver fatigue.

Every client taking the Advanced Steering Management System goes through a pre-test where his concerns are documented. After the truck has been adjusted, the driver follows a ten-kilometer test route, and reactions to the changes are again documented.

In just 2-3 hours the ‘Truck Whisperer’ treatment reduces vibration, eliminates over or under-steer, corrects steering wander, dramatically reduces component wear and reduces driver fatigue by up to a remarkable 75%, (evidenced by independent tests).